Oscar Party


On Sunday we hosted an Oscar themed Birthday Party and it was lots of fun. We had set up a photo-shoot in the Seasons Studio for the children, they were able to pick an “Oscar” dress and also get their hair and make-up done. Then they posed with an “Oscar” (a beautiful paper rendition) and we photographed them on the “red carpet”.


Roots Village Project


We were honoured to be asked to participate in an amazing project with Roots Canada, called the “Roots Village Project”. The project involves 50 health and wellness practitioners from across Toronto that were hand selected by Roots. The group is comprised of yoga teachers, dancers, personal trainers, art therapists, nutritionists, foodies and eco-savvy entrepreneurs.

The group has collaborated with the Toronto based School of Hustle to support at-risk youth through running 12-week program that will use physicality to encourage confidence. The youth involved in the project will be visiting Seasons in May 2012!

Part of the program involves Roots outfitting the group of 50 with clothes from their new athletic line. On February 13th, we attended a fun evening at the Roots store on Bloor Street, where we received our clothing packages. We also had our hair and make-up done for a photo-shoot, which we will soon be posting pictures! Stay tuned for more information on this exciting new venture.