Toddlers Need Practice, Practice and more Practice!


Toddlers learn through play, with the repeated investigation and exploration of age appropriate toys, tools and materials. Upon using a new toy for the first time, a toddler may observe it and touch it, but may not know what to really do with it or how to use it. However, over time and with repeated opportunities for practice a toddler will discover many ways to play with their toy(s).

While it may seem boring and tediously repetitious to adults, the best way for toddlers to learn is through meaningful life experiences that offer the opportunity for repeated practice with the same toys, materials and tools. Adults often feel pressured to give toddlers new things to play with. Meanwhile, toddlers truly benefit from repeated practice with toys they have already used many times. Once a certain toy, tool or material is mastered, then it makes sense to introduce some new toys into the toddler’s environment.

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