Creative Mondays!

So, we’re back for another round! Take a close look! What could this be and how many different uses/crafts can you come up with? This time we’re offering a prize to the most creative, so be sure to comment! Can’t wait to see your answers!

2 thoughts on “Creative Mondays!

  1. Egg carton! I hope šŸ™‚ I would cut them out individually, put different coloured duck tape around them.
    then I’d do the same but with 4 pieces all together in a square.

    the 4 piece one will become a tugboat and the other individual ones will be the little boats that get tugged. they’d become bath toys!
    -punch a tiny hole in them so i can connect them with a string. Maybe 4 or five. then use them as a bath toy for my son. He can put his bath toy sesame street buddies in each carton then pretend they’re all being towed by the tug boat!
    Not sure it would work, but it would be fun!

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