Oliver’s Big Top Birthday Bash!

Circus Candy Table

Circus Candy Table

So my tiny, weeny boy, who is not so tiny or weeny anymore turned 2 years old on Tuesday and we celebrated with a circus themed birthday. It was so much fun prepping for his birthday and I enjoyed planning every little detail. Here are some pics from the big day!

Circus Theme Birthday Cake

Circus Theme Birthday Cake

Circus Theme Sweet Table

Circus Theme Sweet Table


Circus Themed Cupcakes!

The sweet table definitely required the most planning and time commitment however, it was tons of fun. Once you have a theme picked out the key to a perfect sweet table is stick to a couple of colours. For the games, we tried to keep them as simple as possible since most of the little ones in attendance were under the age of 5. We had a bean bag toss, face painting, fortune teller, a tent with balls in, a fishing game, tight rope walking and of course a prize booth.


Circus theme birthday bash

To be honest most of the kids threw the balls around, had their face painted and hung out at the prize booth. A couple of them did the bean bag toss. We also hired a busker, who came for about 30 minutes of entertainment. He was AMAZING and I couldn’t believe how long the little ones were focused for.

Circus Birthday BashWe decorated the front of the building with a couple signs and lots of red and white streamers. We added a few of red and white balloons to finish it off.

IMG_1223For food, we did typical carnival treats. We had corn on the cob, sweet potato fries, hot dogs and hamburgers and of course lots of popcorn!!

Circus Themed Birthday Dinner!

Circus Themed Birthday Dinner!


Circus Themed Birthday Dinner

Here’s a bunch of the supplies we used. Party City and Dollarama were are two best friends leading up to the party. We also visited Fabricland for some materials which were used on the sweet table.

Craft Supplies Circus Theme


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