How to Host the Perfect Fairy Party!

<img src="fairy--party-theme-.jpg" alt="fairy-party-theme" />

Is your little one obsessed with fairies? We recently hosted a birthday party for a little girl who picked fairies as her theme. We had so much fun creating her birthday and think it would be an easy party for anyone to recreate in your home. For the decorations we bought strands of fake flowers from the dollar store. We also printed out a little saying we came across, which matched our theme perfectly. All you need is Faith, Trust and a little Fairy Dust!

<img src="fairy--party-theme-.jpg" alt="fairy-party-theme" />

Loot Bags: For the loot bags we made little jars of fairy dust. We bought mini glass jars from the dollar store and covered them in clear tape just to be extra cautious. We filled each jar with water a few drops of glycerin and lots of sparkles. We then hot glued the cork back into the jar to prevent spilling. We tied a purple ribbon around the jar so that it could be worn as a necklace.

<img src="fairy--party-theme-.jpg" alt="fairy-party-theme" />

<img src="fairy--party-theme-.jpg" alt="fairy-party-theme" />

We also made fairy cookies, the sky is the limit on how you make them. You could simply use a fairy cookie cutter and then ice the cookies or you could get as detailed as your baking skills allow you.

<img src="fairy--party-theme-.jpg" alt="fairy-party-theme" />

Craft: Our guests each got to make their own fairy puppet. Almost all the supplies can be purchased from the dollar store or found around your house. We used toilet paper rolls for the body and Styrofoam balls for the head (available at the dollar store). We covered the Styrofoam balls in paper mâché so that the paint would adhere better to the ball. 

<img src="fairy--party-theme-.jpg" alt="fairy-party-theme" />

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