DIY Easter Craft!

IMG_6240We hosted a bunny hop this past Sunday and it was so much fun! The kids loved the Easter Egg Hunt the best, surprise, surprise! The craft and cookie decorating were definitely enjoyed too. The kids made these adorable little dioramas.

IMG_6241For time purposes we painted the boxes blue beforehand and then the kids got to decorate it however they wanted. This is a great little craft to do with various ages and a perfect little hostessing gift if you’re going somewhere for Easter dinner this weekend. Almost all of the materials were purchased from the dollar store. All you need is:

Brown Box

Blue paint


Cotton Balls

Small little yellow ducks/sparkly eggs

Pipe Cleaners

Easter GrassIMG_6332

How to Host the Perfect Fairy Party!

<img src="fairy--party-theme-.jpg" alt="fairy-party-theme" />

Is your little one obsessed with fairies? We recently hosted a birthday party for a little girl who picked fairies as her theme. We had so much fun creating her birthday and think it would be an easy party for anyone to recreate in your home. For the decorations we bought strands of fake flowers from the dollar store. We also printed out a little saying we came across, which matched our theme perfectly. All you need is Faith, Trust and a little Fairy Dust!

<img src="fairy--party-theme-.jpg" alt="fairy-party-theme" />

Loot Bags: For the loot bags we made little jars of fairy dust. We bought mini glass jars from the dollar store and covered them in clear tape just to be extra cautious. We filled each jar with water a few drops of glycerin and lots of sparkles. We then hot glued the cork back into the jar to prevent spilling. We tied a purple ribbon around the jar so that it could be worn as a necklace.

<img src="fairy--party-theme-.jpg" alt="fairy-party-theme" />

<img src="fairy--party-theme-.jpg" alt="fairy-party-theme" />

We also made fairy cookies, the sky is the limit on how you make them. You could simply use a fairy cookie cutter and then ice the cookies or you could get as detailed as your baking skills allow you.

<img src="fairy--party-theme-.jpg" alt="fairy-party-theme" />

Craft: Our guests each got to make their own fairy puppet. Almost all the supplies can be purchased from the dollar store or found around your house. We used toilet paper rolls for the body and Styrofoam balls for the head (available at the dollar store). We covered the Styrofoam balls in paper mâché so that the paint would adhere better to the ball. 

<img src="fairy--party-theme-.jpg" alt="fairy-party-theme" />

Valentines Day Crafts

IMG_2989We’re prepping for a few events where we’ll be sharing some valentines day crafts, so thought we would share them here too! They’re not only easy but also very budget friendly! All supplies we’re purchased at the dollar store (minus the cardboard, which was rescued from our recycling bin).

Valentines Day Wreath




Mason Jar Lid

Various Heart Decorations


Red Ribbon

Hot Glue


Wrap the twine around the Mason Jar lid, very tightly and hot glue both the starting point and the end point. Use whatever heart decorations you like and tie a ribbon at the top. Although this is so perfect for Valentines Day you could definitely use it as a Holiday Ornament too!



Valentines Day Love Sign


Needle and red yarn

Square of burlap

red ribbon or rope



Hot Glue



You can get as creative as you like with your little burlap square. We kept it simple but would encourage those creativity juices to flow! We simply cut a heart out of felt and hot glued it to the burlap square. Then we used red yarn and a larger needle to write the word LOVE. We used a heart shaped sticker for the “O” and voila! A cute little sign to hang anywhere your heart desires.


Heart Wreath


Heart Shaped Stickers

Red Ribbon

Heart Decorations

Cardboard Circle (with circle cut out from middle)

IMG_2986 IMG_2987


Draw a large circle on a sheet of cardboard (I traced a plate to get that perfectly round circle) and then used a roll of masking tape for the circle on the inside. I cut the circles out using a box cutter, you could use scissors, depending on how hard your cardboard is. The fun part is next, even your toddler could get into this craft! Simply stick the stickers all over the wreath. I added some other type of hearts just to give the wreath a little texture but you could just stick with the stickers! Once it was finished I hot glued a piece of the ribbon to the back so that I could hang the wreath.



DIY Under the Sea Birthday

<img src="under-the-sea-cake.jpg" alt="Under The Sea Cake" />

Under The Sea Cake

This past weekend we hosted a wonderful birthday for a little girl who turned 8 years old. She requested “under the sea” as her theme and we had so much fun with it! The guests made “Under the Sea” treasure boxes and decorated cupcakes with fondant dolphins and sea shells. For the decorations we made lots of beautiful fish and used tissue paper for seaweed. The hanging Jelly Fish were made from a paper bowl and a cut up table cloth.

<img src="under-the-sea-theme-birthday.jpg" alt="Under The Sea Birthday Theme" />

Under the Sea Theme Birthday


<img src="under-the-sea-theme-birthday.jpg" alt="Under The Sea Birthday Theme" />

In the Kitchen!

<img src="under-the-sea-craft.jpg" alt="Under The Sea Craft" />

Under the Sea Treasure Box




Happy Halloween!

Everyone seems to love Halloween, from little children to big grown-ups. This past Sunday we had our annual Haunted House and it was a hit! We tried to serve as many healthy snacks as we could, which included Clementine Jack-O-Lanterns and bran muffin cupcakes. We were left with only crumbs at the end, so I’m guessing our Halloween Sweet Table was a hit! Here are some pics from the big day!

We’ve really enjoyed getting into the Halloween spirit this year, we’re particularly excited about going trick or treating for the first time!! My little one is dressing up as a monster (or a shark, we’re still undecided) and will be walking the Halloween streets for the first time! I’m slightly nervous about the temper tantrums that may ensue regarding the eating of candy, but I’m bracing myself for them.

Happy Halloween everyone, wishing you a safe and fun evening!

<img src="halloween-candy-table.jpg" alt="Halloween Candy Table" />

Halloween Sweet Table

<img src="drawing-on-pumpkins.jpg" alt="Drawing on Pumpkins" />

Drawing on Pumpkins

<img src="halloween-cupcakes.jpg" alt="Halloween Cupcakes" />

Shhhh, we’re bran muffins dressed up as cupcakes

<img src="pumpkin-patch.jpg" alt="Pumpkin Patch" />

Pumpkin Patch

<img src="haunted-pirate-cave.jpg" alt="Haunted Pirate Cave" />

Haunted Pirate Cave

<img src="clementine-jack-o-lanterns.jpg" alt="Clementine Jack O Lanterns" />

Clementine Jack-O-Lanterns


Halloween Treats

Our Annual Haunted House is just around the corner and we’re getting ready by making all our own treats for the event. We are trying to stay on the healthier side of things but it’s not so easy at Halloween. We made organic gingerbread dough for our Skeletons and used a very small amount of brown sugar in the recipe. I did find a recipe after the fact that had no sugar in it, so if anyone has a chance to try it please let me know!

Mini Gingerbread Skeletons

Mini Gingerbread Skeletons

Gingerbread Skeletons

Gingerbread Skeletons

For the Ghost Pops you could definitely use sugar free Lollipops. We’re also going be decorating bran muffins to look like yummy cupcakes! One of our healthier snacks will be the return of Clementine Jack-O-Lanterns.

Ghost Pops

pumpkin clementines

Jack-O-Lantern Clementines

A quick and easy DIY project to help decorate your treat table are Mason Jar Mummies. This took me all of ten minutes and most of that time was waiting for the glue gun to get hot enough. I simply wrapped the jar in gauze (which I purchased from the dollar store) and then glued on some black construction paper with the hot glue. I added some googly eyes and voila! The Mummy looks really spooky once you add a candle and dim the lights.

Mason Jar Mummy

Mason Jar Mummy

Mason Jar Mummy

Mason Jar Mummy

Kleenex Box Monsters

Kleenex Box MonstersThis is an easy DIY craft for you to do with your kiddies! There’s so many great things about this craft, not only is it made using recycled parts it can also be used for fun games after, like skeleton toss or really just about any kind of “toss” you want.


Kleenex box (with plastic sleeve intact)

Paint (your choice of colours)

Construction Paper

White Paper


Egg carton (you just need 2 dimples from the carton)

Hot glue

Googly Eyes


  1. Paint the Kleenex box and 2 sections of the egg carton, let stand to dry.
  2. Cut circles (or shape of your choice) out of construction paper.
  3. Once paint is dry glue your eyes and shapes on, using hot glue. You can also glue the googly eyes onto the egg carton at this point.
  4. Cut teeth out of the white paper and glue to plastic sleeve on Kleenex box.

Great Ideas for Wee Little Hands

We’ve been very busy with summer camp and our little Tots have been experimenting with all sorts of materials. We’ve been doing a ton of art and sensory activities. Each day at camp we have a new theme and then base our art/sensory activity on the theme. Here are a couple ideas you could easily do at home with your little one. Not to worry if you don’t have access to a proper sensory bin, any shallow container will really do, the dollar store has a great selection!

Craft Ideas

Boat Pictures

Cardboard, construction paper, cotton balls, blue tissue paper, blue, paper plates


Paper plates (cut in half) black construction paper, glue, pompoms, cotton balls


Weather Chart

This was an easy and fun craft. We’re learning about weather and seasons and so this craft fit perfectly. We traced the kids hands and then helped them to cut them out. They used different colour tissue paper depending on the seasons. For the winter picture they stuck on cotton balls.

Materials: construction paper, tissue paper, glue, cotton balls. IMG_0450Sensory Bin Ideas

Rainbow Foam – we used the recipe from this site:

IMG_0671Coloured Pasta

So easy to make! Simply put some uncooked pasta in a zip lock bag (add either icing gel or food colouring) and shake, shake, shake!


Our theme for this day was actually dinosaurs (you can see a couple tiny ones in the picture). We took a plastic container and covered it with plastercine and then all the kids helped by sticking rocks onto it. Then we made our volcano explode, over and over and over and over again (you get the point).We threw some plastic plants (dollar store speciality) in the sensory bin, sand and rocks

Materials: baking soda and vinegar. IMG_0910


Rainbow Fun Foam

IMG_0671This is a great activity for toddlers/preschoolers (or really any kid who likes bubbles). It was easy to make and also worked as a fantastic learning tool as we were able to experiment with mixing colours.


Dish Soap
Handheld Mixer
Food Colouring
Large Bin
Glass Bowl


Using the handheld mixer, mix 2 tbsp of dish soap with 1/4 cup of water in a bowl. It will take about 2 minutes for the foam to form, at this point you can mix in some food colouring. Scoop out the foam and dump it in your “sensory bin”. For each colour I mixed two batches of the foam. The 1/4 cup of water and 2 tbsp of dish soap actually make quite a bit. I do suggest using this as soon as possible to avoid the bubbles from disappearing.

Making Mistakes

Picture taken from

So this month my son is really into markers, particularly the lids (which is definitely better as it means less marker on the walls however, it does mean that we constantly have marker on our hands). I’m not sure why anyone ever thought that non-washable markers was a good idea (or really my thought should be about what possessed me to buy them in the first place). My son’s absolute favorite thing to do is put the marker lids on his on his fingers (which he then appropriately calls marker fingers) and then tries to play with his toys which inevitably results in frustration since he can’t accomplish anything with markers on his fingers. What gets me, is that he still tries every time. My son is a clever kid, I know all parents think that about their own children, so I’m ok with the eye roll at your computer screen. My question is that how come toddlers will try something over and over again regardless of whether or not they keep getting the same outcome? At what age do we start making those connections? I think maybe some of us never do, it’s like having a hangover (kind of), you wake up with that pounding headache and you swear you’ll never drink again and yet that hangover seems to somehow magically appear. Is it an innate thing in some of us, do some toddlers really learn from their errors? I happen to know they do, one of my girlfriend’s daughter closed her finger in the kitchen drawer and guess what, she didn’t do it again. Maybe it’s a male versus female thing? Or is it something we learn with age?

The truth is learning from our mistakes is an extremely important life lesson. “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” (Albert Einstein). Some of the most difficult life lessons we learn stem from a bad desicion we made. Good judgement can come from the experience of having bad judgement. Learning from our mistakes teaches us to rethink situations, come up with different solutions and thus encourages us to think creatively.

So, go on put those marker fingers on and try to pick up a train or a block, try, try and try again because eventually you’ll learn it’s not working and you’ll try a different way. In the mean time, I’ll just hope that the marker finger fad fades away (or washes out for that matter).