Santa at Seasons!

img_7130-2The big guy in red came a little earlier this year than normal but that means our guests have no excuses for not getting their holiday cards out on time! It was a fun filled day with lots of crafts and treats. img_7158A couple tips if you’re going to be hosting a Christmas party, a very simple craft for the kids is to make a card/write a letter to dear ol’ St.Nick. Another easy decorating tip that will take your cupcakes to the next level, use a doily as the wrapper. We used wrapping paper for the backdrop for our sweet table – which would work for any dessert or appetizer station. img_7180img_7155img_7176img_7157img_7172


DIY Advent Calendar

<img src="advent-calendar.jpg" alt="Advent Calendar" />

Advent Calendar

Growing up in a Jewish home I was always fascinated with the commercialized side of Christmas. I slowly started to buy decorations but could never quite bring myself to buy a tree. Till I met my husband, who happens to celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah. Well in all honesty mostly just Christmas as his mother is Catholic and his father is Jewish. So, now I had real reason to buy a tree and my son will now celebrate both holidays! Which is very exciting for his Jewish mother who loooooooves Christmas! I made him his first Advent Calendar and enjoyed every minute of it. It was relatively easy and not that time consuming.

<img src="holiday-decorations.jpg" alt="Holiday Decorations" />

Holiday Decorations


Canvas Board (16×20)

Hot Glue


Brown Paper Bags (small size)

Construction Paper and Patterned Paper (with gingham print)

Glue Stick


25 Clothespins

Christmas Decorations

<img src="advent-calendar.jpg" alt="Advent Calendar" />

Advent Calendar Supplies



Decorate your little bags, I used the gingham paper for the numbers and cut out green hearts. Then glue one strip of twine to your canvas board (use the glue on the back of the board so you can’t see it). Hang the first row of bags, this will help determine where the next row goes. Do one row at a time and this helps to make sure all the rows are in the right places. When you’re finished hanging your bags you can hang other little Christmas decorations off the twine. I used small ornaments, candy canes and mini Santas. I also glued little tiny Christmas trees and gingerbread men to each clothespins, along with some foam hearts (leftover from Valentines Day).

<img src="advent-calendar.jpg" alt="Advent Calendar" />

Advent Calendar