How to Make a Piñata!

Ever wondered how to make a Piñata? Well wonder no more, it’s actually much easier than you think and it’s a great activity to do at a birthday party, or really any celebration for that matter. Here’s a list of supplies:

2 pieces of Cardboard

Mural Paper (slightly thicker than regular paper)

Masking Tape

Crepe Paper (aka streamers)

Candy/or your choice of small objects for the inside of your Piñata

Step 1:

Decide what you want your Piñata to be and then draw an outline of the shape onto the cardboard. Cut out the shape and trace it onto the second piece of cardboard, when finished cut out the second shape.

ImageStep 2

For the next step, the width of the paper you use will determine the thickness of your Piñata. We used about 2.5″ wide mural paper for this step. You’re going to cut a strip of the mural paper and tape it onto one of the pieces of your Piñata, following the outline of the shape. Once you’ve secured the mural paper to the cardboard shape you will start to attach the second piece of cardboard. The trick is to remember to NOT completely attach the two pieces until you’ve put your candy in! You also may want to attach a hook to your Piñata now as it will be harder once you’ve sealed it. Once you’ve sealed your Piñata you can start to decorate it. We used one colour of crepe paper but you can go to town here and use the whole rainbow! We glued the paper on with a glue stick and then cut little slits.

ImageAnd voila! You have a finished Piñata! We had a Mexican Fiesta Themed Birthday at Seasons and we had all the kids make their own little Piñata’s, they had a ball making them and of course filling them with candy! If you made this on a much bigger scale you could use it as an activity at a birthday party.


Enchanted Forest & Mexican Fiesta!

This past weekend we hosted two drastically different birthdays, an enchanted forest and a Mexican Fiesta! We had such fun planning and preparing, we made all the decorations ourselves and thought it would be great to share in case you are feeling so inclined to host your very own Fiesta Forest!

The Enchanted Forest

We found this great tree at DeSerres and it only took about 5 minutes to assemble. We hung the tree on the “birthday wall” and decorated around it using tissue paper butterflies and our birthday banner. To make the tissue paper flowers we found some great instructions on Pink Paper Peppermints.

ImageWe then used kraft paper to make another tree, we decorated the tree with butterflies and mushrooms. The butterflies were made out of tissue paper and the mushrooms out of Bristol board. ImageFor the craft we made Modeling chocolate the night before. When the kiddies arrived it was all ready to go and they made beautiful creatures. We also used water colour pencil crayons on canvas boards to paint backdrop scenes for our creatures.

ImageMexican Fiesta

IMG_3671 Decorating for our fiesta was loads of fun! We made maracas out of Bristol board and also made some more big tissue paper flowers. We hung streamers from every corner of the room and had them crossing on top and under each other.


For our craft we made mini Pinatas! These were fun and easy to do. We made identical cardboard cut outs and then cut a 2 inch strip out of Bristol board. We taped the strip to one of the cardboard cutouts and then filled it with candy. Before taping on the second cutout we made sure to affix a string to the top of the Pinata. Then used glue and crepe paper to cover the entire Pinata.


In the kitchen we made….take a guess! Yes, that’s right…Tacos!! The kids had so much chopping and dicing and mixing and then the best part was that they got to eat them. Tacos are actually a very friendly meal which lends itself well to world of allergy ridden children. Corn tortillas (no gluten) no nuts and no dairy if you choose not to put cheese on your taco. Everyone walks away happy and with a full tummy! IMG_3680