Edible Flower Cookies


Not only do these look beautiful but they happen to taste great too! To top it off they are very easy to make! First you need a sugar cookie recipe (I tried making these gluten free as well and found that the cookie was a tad too crumbly).


Sugar Cookie Dough

Edible Flowers (after searching high and low I found some at The Harvest Wagon)

1 egg beaten

Paint Brush (used for food only)


After you’ve made your sugar cookies you want to put them in the oven for about three quarters of the time the recipe suggests. Once they’ve come out of the oven and cooled down a bit you will need to beat your egg in a small bowl with a fork. Then using your paint brush you want to coat your cookie with a bit of egg. Then place a flower on top of the cookie and brush it with some more egg to get the flower to lay “somewhat flat”. Sprinkle with a bit of sugar and voila! Put them back in the oven for the remainder time but do keep an eye on them. If the flowers burn they will turn brown and won’t be soooo purtty!

Halloween Cookie Decorating Workshop!

IMG_0879Join us on Sunday, October 20th for our popular Halloween Cookie Decorating Workshop. We’ll be making delicious sugar cookies and royal icing and learning how to use various tips to decorate our cookies.

When: October 20th

Time: 3:00 – 5:00pm

Cost: $30 per registrant, $10 for children under the age of 5

Note: Children under the age of 5 need to be accompanied by an adult.

Email us to register for the workshop: info@seasonsfamilycentre.com

Summer Camp at Seasons!

We have been so busy running camps for the past month that I haven’t had a moment to blog. I’ve been saving up so many photos though, so this post will promise to entertain and give you plenty of crafting/baking ideas to do with your little ones. We have done a variety of themes over the past couple weeks and these are just some highlights. If you would like instructions/recipes for any of the ideas please feel to email me: nikki@seasonsfamilycentre.com

Candy Land

We played a life size version of Candy Land and then the kids got to make their own board games. For the baking activity we made graham cracker houses.

ImageImageThe children made wizard hats out of rice krispie treats and then we made little wizards out of a paper cup and a styrofoam ball. We used non-toxic paints, googly eyes, sparkly stars and cotton balls to add the details for our cute wizards!

Outer Space

ImageImageThe kids made aliens out of a hard boiled egg and a toilet paper roll. We then made outer space cupcakes, which was lots of fun.


ImageImageWe went to the circus for the day (well not really, but it sure felt like it). The clowns are made of Fondant and Ice Cream Cones, they’re decorated with edible paints and a cinnamon heart for a red nose. For our craft, we used a template of a circus tent and then glued them down on boards. The kids got to make circus animals and other details out of model magic.

Under the Sea

ImageImageWe made mini aquariums inside treasure chests and then we made beach cupcakes with royal icing, brown sugar and fondant.


ImageImageThis was a great craft because we used recycled tin cans and lots of odds and ends found around a house, including scouring pads and washers. For our robot cakes we made mini cakes and then iced them with butter cream icing and covered them with fondant.



For the monster puppets we used a lot of recycled materials, including paper towel rolls. The monster cupcakes were made with a mini cupcake placed upside down on a regular sized cupcake and then covered in royal icing. We put lollipop sticks through fuzzy peach slices and decorated them with smarties for eyes.


ImageImageOur pirate puppets were made out of a brown paper bag, felt and paint. For the pirate cookies we made sugar cookies and then painted them using edible paints.

Alice in Wonderland


This was my favourite day! We made mini Mad Hatter Tea party tables, using a wooden thimble and balsa wood. Then we cut fabric for table clothes and painted doilies. We cut out mini cards and made top hats out of felt. For the baking activity we made the guards for the Queen of Hearts out of rice krispie treats and royal icing.


We’ve had so much fun so at camp, so far! Just to let you all know we’ll be closed for August but we’ll be back in September with our Preschool Program and lots of other classes! Our Fall schedule will be up soon! Stay tuned for more details 🙂

Christmas Cookie Decorating Workshop


Join us on Sunday, December 9th from 1-3pm for our Christmas Cookie Decorating Workshop. All ages welcome!! Decorate sugar cookies with royal icing and we’ll wrap them up beautifully for you! Eat them yourself or give them as a gift!

COST: $30 per registrant

* For children under the age of 5 the cost is $10 (child must be accompanied by a registered adult).

Email us today to register: info@seasonsfamilycentre.com


Cookie Decorating Workshop


On Sunday we hosted a Sugar Cookie & Decorating Workshop. Our registrants learned how to make sugar cookies and royal icing from scratch. Everyone got a chance to decorate their halloween sugar cookie shapes and they all made such beautiful cookies. It was such a great way to spend Sunday afternoon! We will be hosting some holiday craft/baking workshops in November so stay tuned for more information on those!